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ACCA is growing every day...every day there is more need for us in this community


The Afro-Canadian Carribean association has a long history in Hamilton.  The Association was co-founded in 1979 by Reverend John Foster, Antoinette Rhodes, and others.  Rev. John Foster was the first director of the program. He went on to become the pastor of Stewart Memorial Church, which was the first Afro-Canadian/Carribean  church in Hamilton.  He passed away in 2002.  Antoinette Rhodes made many contributions to the fellowship of our community in Hamilton.  She is now 86 years old and still residing in Hamilton, Ontario. ACCA is an important voice for our community.  Although there have always been hundreds of black Canadians living in Hamilton, the history books don't often tell our stories.


Kathleen Brooks was the first female president of ACCA. The current director of ACCA is Lloyd Turner.  Today's ACCA provides services for Canadians who have been here for a hundred years, as well as those who have recently arrived in the Hamilton Area.  We continue to promote events and services for our community.


"Our creed is Unity, Strength, and Progress"


Today's ACCA is a growing, legal charity that serves all African-Canadians, Carribeans, newcomers, and supporters of  education spaces and communities that support a full history of Canada inclusive of all the country's peoples.


Current services include youth achievement, after school programs, tutoring, classes, English language and computer learning, Rise2Fame talent search, spelling bee, employment search, counselling, advocacy, education, employment counselling, seniors drop-in, youth drop-in, family circle, learning through craft, dances, community building events, domino night, newcomers services, housing search assistance, business success,  and much, much more!!!




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