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ACCA is a volunteer-run not for profit organization. We would not exist without the help of our volunteers.  There are so many areas where you can choose to help, even if you only have a few hours of your time to give.  Support us so that we can continue to support our community!



If you are looking for a way to earn your 40 hours of volunteering, ACCA is a good place to do it.  Volunteer in the youth achievement program and be a mentor to your fellow youth.  Teach a dance class to a group of kids.  Spend your time tutoring or running a conversation circle.


Want to earn your volunteering hours while spending some serious time in the sun?  Why not volunteer at our picnic or at our Rise2Fame talent search (at It's Your Festival).  Youth are the backbone of our community.  They are the future.


Consider having an ACCA volunteer visit your school as part of your Black History Month celebrations, to teach your students about the history of diversity in this community.  


There is a rich legacy and one that our children don't often hear about in schools.  Your students will be excited to find out that our cultures have been here for so long!


Plan a field trip and learn about the history of ACCA, our buildings, and Hamilton's diverse history! 



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